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Romance 0.1

From: Lamy Jean-Baptiste
Subject: Romance 0.1
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 19:39:10 +0200

Hi Guilers !

I've just released Romance 0.1 at

Romance is an Object-Sharing protocol, like Corba, but it is dynamic and
much lighter !
It currently support :
 - Guile
 - Python
 - C

The Guile part of this new version now use GOOPS as object system ! Any
GOOPS object can be remotely accessed in Guile, Python or C.

An example of Romance in action :
; Server code :
(use-modules (oop goops))
(use-modules (romance))

(define-class <person> ()
(define-method (initialize (person <person>) args)
  (slot-set! person 'name  (car  args))
  (slot-set! person 'proof (cadr args))
(define-method (get_description (person <person>) . args)
  (string-append (slot-ref person 'name) " is a " (slot-ref person 'proof)

(slot-set! romance 'me (make <person> "Jiba" "hacker"))

; client code :
(use-modules (oop goops))
(use-modules (romance))

(display (msg 'get_description (slot-ref romance 'me))) (newline)

Future improvement may include :
 - remote inheritance
 - more supported language (e.g. Java, Perl, Ruby, ...)
 - remote access to interesting library (GTK, Glade, ...)

Any comments are welcome !


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