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Re: language translator help

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: language translator help
Date: 28 Apr 2002 22:16:03 -0700
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"John W. Eaton" <address@hidden> writes:

> | Right, but then I'd put that library as part of the standard Gnome
> | set.  In other words, extend Gnome first, then provide the
> | conventional interface from Python.
> I assume you meant Guile, not Gnome.

Yes, sorry for the confusion.

> What if the run-time library for the translator isn't something that
> belongs as part of standard Guile?  Where is the benefit then?  And if
> the run-time library for the translator does belong in the standard
> Guile, why wouldn't the parser also belong there?

Guile needs a facility to build such things itself, no doubt.
Ultimately, it needs to be a shared library--whether part of guile
directly or not, depending on how sophisticated the guile foreign
function interface is (something I'm not up-to-speed about).

The answer to your question is: Scheme is a convenient and pleasing
language.  Why implement things in a suckier language when you can do
it in Scheme?!

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