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Re: What if Guile changed its license to be LGPL?

From: Per Bothner
Subject: Re: What if Guile changed its license to be LGPL?
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 16:08:51 -0700
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Marius Vollmer wrote:
Somebody wrote such a library.  Some years ago there were problems
with some use of GMP for encryption.  I don't remember the details,
but part of the problem was that since they were linking explicitly
against the GMP API, the FSF argued they were effectivly linking
with the GMP, even if they were separate.  That was resolved by
somebody writing an API-compatible very of GMP.

Yes, I thought I remembered something like that but couldn't
immediately find more details.  If such a library exists, we are
settled and can use GMP exclusively, no?  Anyone wanting to invoke the
exception in Guile's license can use the unrestricted substitute-GMP,

However, the alternative implementation is probably not something
the FSF wants to promote or even mention.

Again, I suggest you check with RMS and Torbjörn to see what their
positions are on the issue.

Do you know more about this library?  Where could I find it?

I don't remember.  I'm sure Torbjörn (address@hidden) remembers.
        --Per Bothner

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