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Re: language translator help

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: language translator help
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 23:25:22 GMT
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Thien-Thi Nguyen <address@hidden> wrote:
> why do you ask me things about other people's mental state?

Perhaps because you show little inclination to disclose details of your own.

> why do you limit your questions to either-or constructs?

OK, then:

- How did you agree 1.4.2 with other developers, especially mvo?
- How did you inform them of your plans for the 1.4.x line?
- How did you inform them of the problems you find with 1.6?
- What alternatives have been offered to the 1.6 problem changes (by
anyone)?  If none, have you tried to encourage development of alternatives
and what has resulted from that?

[Of course, archive refs for any of the above would rock.]

If you care about Guile (and you seem to), helping to cause fixes for any
problems with 1.6 is particularly important.

> what are your plans to improve guile?  what are your plans to improve
> yourself using guile?

Write more things using it.  I need to look at guile-www more, particularly,
to see what things from my libraries can be added sensibly to it.  In
general, I think my contribution can be to scheme in general rather than to
one implementation.  Guile is important to me now mainly because guile and
guile-gtk has a large-ish installation base.

> what feedback can you give me on the 1.4.x portion of the ROADMAP?

Grouping a few:

Abstracting -- should that really be done in a stable series?

Integrate docs, determine/document policy -- fine

Compatibility header -- huh?

Back-ports -- perhaps, but only if 1.6 is too far away

Add/incorporate/support -- not during a stable series, do these for 1.6

Fix bugs -- of course

My opinion only, but you did ask.


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