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C++ application linked with guile dos not quite

From: Hilaire Fernandes
Subject: C++ application linked with guile dos not quite
Date: 17 Jun 2002 15:24:57 +0200


In DrGenius (guile aware), when I quite, all the application is hanging.

This happens when there is a user defined guile procedure. If the user
does not define procedure this does not happen.

If I run it under GDB then the application quite normaly.

I am not very confortable with guile, so there is probably something
wrong in my code.

I use Libguile 1.4


For information, the related piece of code are:

I initialise the guile interprertor as:

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
        gh_enter(argc, argv, main_prog);
        return 0;

In main_prog, I record some procedures:

  /* declare drgeo interface in guile */
  gh_new_procedure ("move", drgeo_scm_move, 2, 0, 0);
  gh_new_procedure ("getAbscissa", drgeo_scm_getAbscissa, 1, 0, 0);
  gh_new_procedure ("getCoordinates", drgeo_scm_getCoordinates, 1, 0,
  gh_new_procedure ("getValue", drgeo_scm_getValue, 1, 0, 0);



The GTK+ application is started with gtk_main()

User script are recorded in the guile interpreter as:

void script::
setScript (gchar *scriptCode)
        gchar *tmpScript, *tmp1, *tmp2;
        gint nb;

        g_free (this->scriptCode);
        this->scriptCode = g_strdup (scriptCode);

        /* define a scm procedure to hold the user script */
        tmpScript = g_strdup_printf ("(define (script%d",this);
        for (nb = 1; nb <= g_list_length (parentList); nb++)
                tmp1 = g_strdup_printf (" a%d", nb);
                tmp2 = g_strconcat (tmpScript, tmp1, NULL);
                g_free (tmp1);
                g_free (tmpScript);
                tmpScript = tmp2;
        tmp1 = g_strconcat (tmpScript, ")", scriptCode, ")", NULL);
        /* define the procedure in the Guile interpretor */
        gh_eval_str_with_catch(tmp1, standard_handler);
        g_free (tmp1);

Basicly the user script is embedded in a procedure so the code is
looking like:
(define (scriptOBJECT_ADRESS a1 a2 ...)

Then in the geometric engine, this procedure is called as:

        /* build the call sequence */
        tmpScript = g_strdup_printf ("(script%d", this);
        for (nb = 0; nb < g_list_length (parentList); nb++)
                tmp1 = g_strdup_printf (" %d", g_list_nth_data
(parentList, nb));
                tmp2 = g_strconcat (tmpScript, tmp1, NULL);
                g_free (tmpScript);
                g_free (tmp1);
                tmpScript = tmp2;
        tmp1 = g_strconcat (tmpScript, ")", NULL);
        g_free (tmpScript);     
        ret = gh_eval_str_with_catch(tmp1, standard_handler);
        g_free (tmp1);
        if (gh_number_p (ret))
                val = gh_scm2double (ret);
                str = g_strdup_printf ("%.2f", val);
        else if (gh_string_p (ret))
                str = gh_scm2newstr (ret, NULL);
                str = g_strdup (_("Unprintable result"));

When the script object is deleted I undefine the function.

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