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Re: Guile and MS-Windows on Major Govt. Project...

From: Chris Bitmead
Subject: Re: Guile and MS-Windows on Major Govt. Project...
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 15:51:38 +1000
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Thanks for all the helpful suggestions which I will look into, including the people who pointed me towards plt-scheme, which I will investigate. BTW, I'm interested why the plt-scheme supporters are hanging around the guile mailing list?

For the guile people, I think you're missing a big opportunity to supply guile pre-built in binary form, especially on Windows where it's harder to build. (It aint a walk in the park on Linux either). Bundle goops and gtk into a Windows build with full Linux compatibility and I think you have a very attractive app. Lots of people, especially governments must have multi-platform compatibility and it is a shoe in for gnu software. I will also look at lilypond to see if that helps.

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