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Re: Issues in ia64

From: cr88192 sydney
Subject: Re: Issues in ia64
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 21:18:08 +0000

posix can be autoloaded w/ some SMOP.


what brain-slicing do you refer to?

what I had done with it would was using it as a lib, but all the "normal" extensions loaded in (ice-9, guile-gtk, ...). didn't work and couldn't be loaded without putting them in the current directory...

really though I like maintaining my own implementation anyways as I have quite a bit of control over the workings of the interpreter and I know the details of the system anyways...

I had also considered cool security features, but instead decided a different kind of security was more in order. at first I considered to use tag/predicate locking but then I came up with the idea that it would be easier just to run code in reduced environments (ie: an "unlet" form that can hide bindings, or by composing the top level environment from peices and making restrictions by which peices are included...).
ok, the real issue is that I don't know guile's workings in detail...

I have for a while been considering writting a compile system, I had written a general spec for the calling convention and how to handle precise gc/relocation/swizzling for the stack, if wanted I may be able to make the partial spec available. are there any real important issues for this? in my spec call/cc is accomplished by copying the pages from the stack region into a continuation region and setting the real stack copy-on-write, is this good?

question: in guile anyways is it possible to supply your own mm and to inquire about the structure of objects? is there a spec on the structure of objects as well?...

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