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Re: benchmarking framework

From: Dirk Herrmann
Subject: Re: benchmarking framework
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 14:03:08 +0200 (CEST)

On 20 Jul 2002, Neil Jerram wrote:

> Did you consider using symbols rather than strings for "user:",
> "benchmark:" and so on?  I think that would be more readable, and
> marginally easier to process programmatically as well.

You are right, I have changed "user:" to 'user and so on.  I would have
liked to keep the colon for readability, but the printed form of 'user: is
even worse to read.

> Also, from the PHB department :-), is there a single headline number
> that could usefully be boiled down from these results?

I don't know which kind of information would be most useful here:  One
might like to see the total execution time of the whole benchmarking suite
including the framework code, or one might want to see the summarized
execution time of the benchmarks only.  Both would be easy to add.  So,
what should be used for a summary - maybe even some different solution?

Best regards,

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