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Re: Announce: eguile -- embedded guile preprocessor thing

From: Neale Pickett
Subject: Re: Announce: eguile -- embedded guile preprocessor thing
Date: 29 Jul 2002 09:04:26 -0700
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So then, MJ Ray <address@hidden> is all like:

> Neale Pickett <address@hidden> wrote:
> >             href="<?= (current-path-to-root) ?>default.css">
> Please don't abuse XML processing instructions like this.  Make eguile play
> nice with other processors by using a proper PI Target name, as detailed in

Good advice.  The current version of eguile (soon to be 1.1) will now
look for

  <?eguile (some-scheme-code) ?>

It also features a properly tail-recursive parser, so it won't gobble up
the stack.  In addition, the opening and closing tags are now
easily-redefined, so you can use whatever syntax you want to introduce
Scheme expressions to your code.

eguile can be obtained from
<>.  As always
suggestions for improvement are appreciated!

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