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New thread implementation, please test!

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: New thread implementation, please test!
Date: 02 Nov 2002 02:14:52 +0100
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the 1.7.0 series of Guile has now a new --with-thread option:
"coop-pthreads".  From NEWS:

    The "coop-pthread" (or shorter: "copt") thread implementation will
    use portable POSIX threads but will restrict them so that only one
    thread can execute 'in Guile' at any one time.  This option will
    give you the same basic behavior as the "coop" option, but
    hopefully in a more portable way.

It is _very_ new and _very_ untested and the first serious
multi-threading code that I have written.  Sooo, if you have a
application that uses Guile threads, or generally know something about
threads, I would like you to test and review what I have written.

Configure "--with-threads=coop-pthreads".  The new code is in


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