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Re: guile-gtk-1.2 CVS % gtk-pixmap-new

From: Daniel Skarda
Subject: Re: guile-gtk-1.2 CVS % gtk-pixmap-new
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 15:01:30 +0100
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> apparently, gtk-pixmap-new has disappeared in the CVS version, (compared to
> version guile-gtk-1.2-0.31).

  No, it does not have disappeared - it is still in gtk-1.2.defs, but now it 
has the
same meaning as gtk_pixmap_new from Gtk+:


GtkWidget* gtk_pixmap_new        (GdkPixmap  *pixmap,
                                  GdkBitmap  *mask);


(define-func gtk_pixmap_new
  ((GdkPixmap pixmap)
   (GdkBitmap bitmap (null-ok) (= "NULL"))))

  Former (gtk-pixmap-new file parent) was "weaker" - it was not possible to
create GtkPixmaps from already existing GdkPixmap/GdkPitmaps etc.  I guess that
the old behaviour was old hack from times, when there were no bindings for
GdkPixmap/GdkBitmap types and functions.

  Because (< (guile-gtk-version) 1.0), I decided that there is still a time to
replace the hack by correct bindings that closely reflect C API. As you wrote,
I mentioned my change in ChangeLog and NEWS (that entry is not so clear about
the change), but I forgot to send an email (because there were so many changes
in my commit, that gtk-pixmap-new seemed to me as a cosmetic change).

  I am sorry if the change caused you big troubles.

> I changed the call from that function to gtk-pixmap-new-from-file, which works
> ok, but is this the desired change?

  Yes. gtk-pixmap-new-from-file implements code, that used to be in old
gtk-pixmap-new C hack.


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