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From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: terminating
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 20:26:46 -0800


guile-pg references this int in libguile.  versions of libguile w/ a new
name do so incompatibly.  it seems the choice of (yet another) new name
should not include the "internal flag" in any case (because the function
of the var is, in fact, not internal (unless, of course, the naming of
vars has now progressed beyond mere assocation w/ functionality)).

here is a sketch:

  /* libguile/compat.h --- Maintain rickety rope bridges.  */
  #define terminating scm_terminating /* was scm_i_terminating */
  #include "guile-"
  /* libguile/compat.h ends here */

perhaps someone can check this in and fine-tune it.  scan data below.


$ grep -e terminating *
1.3.4:(terminating (groups C) (scan-data B))
1.4:(terminating (groups C) (scan-data B))
1.4.1:(terminating (groups C) (scan-data B))
HEAD:(scm_i_terminating (groups scm libguile-internal C) (scan-data B))
br-1-4:(terminating (groups C) (scan-data B))
br-1-6:(scm_i_terminating (groups scm libguile-internal C) (scan-data B))

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