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guile available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: guile available
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 05:02:42 -0800

new NEWS excerpt below.  tarball in:

this release is primarily to get `scm_terminating' into the wild for
guile-pg.  the observant downloader will notice parsing stuff (lang yy)
still under construction, and other small enhancements here and there
(e.g., doc snarfing now handles the macros in ice-9/threads.scm).


* New C var: int scm_terminating

This var has value 1 when the process is exiting, during which time routines
that might be executed in that context (e.g., to do port flushing) need to
avoid the normal error-reporting mechanisms (e.g., scm_syserror), typically by
writing a message directly to stderr.  See libguile/fports.c for example

This var used to be named "terminating" and was not declared in the installed
headers.  If you have programs that rely on it anyway, this frag
can be used to do the compatibility check:

                    [Define if libguile.h declares scm_terminating.])
          ],,[[#include "libguile.h"]])

Here is the accompanying C frag:

        #ifndef HAVE_SCM_TERMINATING
        extern int terminating;
        #define scm_terminating terminating

Then you would use "scm_terminating" in the code as usual.

[excerpt ends here]

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