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Merging mailing list archives

From: Ricard Mira
Subject: Merging mailing list archives
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 20:46:06 +0200

Hi.  This is my first message here.

I would like to contribute to the Guile project, but I cannot code
(yet), so...  I could help merge the archives of the guile-user
mailing list.  Messages are currently at two different places:

* Prior to September 2000:

* The rest:

I think it would be better if all the messages were at the same place.
If I can help, I will.

BTW, the URLs for the GNU mailing list archives have changed:

* The old ones look like

* The new ones look like

The old ones still work, but maybe it is better to use the new ones

Ricard Mira

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