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Re: Announcement: dmd -0.7

From: Wolfgang Jaehrling
Subject: Re: Announcement: dmd -0.7
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 19:40:20 +0200
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On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 10:11:43AM +0200, address@hidden wrote:
> Hey! you stole my idea ;-)

The idea of a service manager that works with dependencies and
conflicts is an idea which many people had so far, independend from
each other.  However, I never had this idea myself, I am just
implementing it.  The idea of using an `extension' language in the
service manager a) is somewhat obvious, since you need
service-specific code anyway, though usually people make the mistake
of using /bin/sh for that purpose  b) is not an idea I had either - I
used Guile simply because it makes developing just so much easier and
more fun.

> (If that's old things for you please excuse me for stating the obvious,
> but then I think this would be a feature to include in the announcement).

I did not mention any features, actually. :-)

(define features-of-dmd
  '("Services can depend on other services, conflict with other
services, and provide virtual services.  Dependencies are resolved
automatically, of course.  Respawning of services is supported as
well.  If services are respawning too fast, they will be disabled."
    "A command line tool (called `deco') for conveniently starting and
stopping services (and performing many other actions on them) is part
of the dmd distribution."
    "Since this version, deco displays what dmd is doing, so you can
run dmd in the background (or put it there with the new action
`daemonize') without output to a terminal.  Also, passing relative
file names to deco is now (sensefully) possible."
    "It is entirely written in Guile, therefore the configuration is
also done with a Guile script."
    "Saving the state (i.e. which services are running) on exit and
restoring it on next startup can easiely be done."
    "It can not only be used as the system-wide service manager, but
also by unprivileged users, if desired.  So if you want to test it,
you are not required to do things which might destroy your existing
    "Many other features you can read about in the documentation,
which is comprehensive and almost complete."))


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