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Re: Who has comiled guile 1.6.x on Mac OS X?

From: Rick Taube
Subject: Re: Who has comiled guile 1.6.x on Mac OS X?
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 16:11:23 -0600

I have a Guile 1.6.1 running on OSX that I go from someone that was going to be Guile's Fink maintainer. But he doesnt seem to have officially signed up to do this, so Im not sure what the current status of Guile/Fink is. I can send you his OSX patches if you would like, not much had to be tweeked to compile in osx. It would be realy nice if the guile distribution itself were configurable for osx compilation.

On Saturday, Apr 5, 2003, at 15:06 America/Chicago, P. Krueckel wrote:


has anybody managed to compile guile 1.6.x
successfully on Mac OS X?



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