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Re: Stupid module and pregexp questions

From: Dr. Peter Ivanyi
Subject: Re: Stupid module and pregexp questions
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 19:07:52 +0100

Rob Browning wrote:
> MJ Ray <address@hidden> writes:
> > At least bigloo and plt-scheme use pregexp.  It would be very useful
> > if guile could offer a partially compatible interface, regardless of
> > the underlying implementation.
> Well that sounds like a pretty good argument in favor of pregexp --
> I'll look in to it.  Of course we can only include it in guile-core

In this case can I also point out that the module definition is different
in guile compared to these (and maybe some other) scheme systems. This
really troubles me, since any of my scheme code must be preprocessed
according to which scheme system is running it. 
Is this a good argument to change it or provide an alternative way, 
consistent with other scheme systems ? :-)

                                Peter Ivanyi

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