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Re: Stupid module and pregexp questions

From: Robert Uhl
Subject: Re: Stupid module and pregexp questions
Date: 28 Apr 2003 18:45:01 -0600
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Rob Browning <address@hidden> writes:
> In the end, I'd just like to have a powerful regex lib whose syntax
> and behavior is invariant across all the platforms on which I'm likely
> to run guile.

That's useful for some things (when the developer writes the regexps),
but for others it's not so good, e.g. when the _user_ writes the
regexps.  The user probably wants whatever he's locally used to...

And then, of course, there's the issue of speed.  Regexps are used for
enough processing that IMHO they must be matched by compiled, not
interpreted, code or they risk being unacceptably slow.  Of course, this
matter less for some domains than others:-)

Robert Uhl <address@hidden>
Let the heavens be glad as is meet, and let the earth rejoice; and let
the whole world, visible and invisible, keep festival, for Christ, the
eternal gladness, is risen.

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