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Re: Stupid module and pregexp questions

From: Tom Lord
Subject: Re: Stupid module and pregexp questions
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 23:31:41 -0700 (PDT)

       > Two questions pop up:

       > - Do you think that it's viable to build Rx into Guile? What about
       >   the licenses (as Guile is now LGPL)?

Rx is GPL, currently.  I have a desparate need for cash.  So that's
one route.

If I independently overcame my desparate need for cash, I'd certainly
consider a Guile-friendly license agreement gratis if there was 
serious interest in it.   

But Rx ain't cheap -- it's a lot of code, and a lot of run-time
memory.  Alas, it isn't a "no brainer" choice -- it's a genuine case
of "which trade-offs do you prefer?"   So I don't mean to be saying
"obviously guile should be using Rx."   I only mean to report my good
experiences with it in the limited context of systas scheme.

        >  - Do you think a pregexp-like interface to Rx is possible? 

I'm not familiar with pregexp, specifically.   Rx has a few layers.
It's pretty general.  It's extended take on Posix syntax is pretty
flexible.   I doubt there'd be any problem here.

   > Something
   > along this lines would shorten the path towards a `regexp SRFI',
   > right? Do you think ti's desirable? (some on the list think not).

Regexps are pretty freekin fundamental.   I think a SRFI is a good
idea.   Ironically, I think Olin's SRE's do 80% of the job :-)

        >>    And, oh yeah -- you'll want shared substrings to make
        >>    things really hum along nicely (ahem :-).

        > Yes, I know. This issue was up on the list for quite a
        > while. I'd be a friend of shared substrings too (this would
        > give more freedom on string implementation), but since I
        > don't contribute in this area I just shut up :-)

Contribute?  Heck, they were actively excised -- apparently by virtue
of some (sorry, folks) misguided reasoning about the cleanliness of
their semantics.   (As I recall: "Gosh, if you modify a shared
substring, you hose the containing string," (though, of course, that's
actually useful.))


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