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Re: Module unloading

From: Zeeshan Ali
Subject: Re: Module unloading
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 00:45:30 +0500

Hello Neil,
    Glad to hear from you again.

> 1. The plugin author can still choose to make their file a
> module, if that is of use to them, by beginning it with a
> (define-module ...) form.
> 2. The plugin author can still choose to use modules to
> organize their plugin code internally, by splitting out some of
> the code into modules and using (use-modules ...) from the
> main file to load them.
> 3. The plugin author can still use third-party modules, using
> (use-modules ...).

4. It will cause nonspace polution, which is what i won't want. :(


Zeeshan Ali

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