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ttn-pers-scheme 0.44 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: ttn-pers-scheme 0.44 available
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2005 01:18:38 +0200

release notes:

  small changes.


README excerpt:

  This directory contains ttn's personal scheme library,
  a collection of Guile Scheme code and intervening text
  (-: as well as a maintenance methodology :-).

NEWS excerpt:

  - 0.44 | 2005-09-04
    - Dropped module: (ttn pgtype) -- see NEWS 0.37 (2004-08-05) entry
    - Dropped module: (ttn pgtable) -- likewise
    - Dropped module: (ttn pgmeta) -- likewise
    - Module no longer maintained: (ttn collect-files-sorted-by-mtime)
    - Module no longer maintained: (ttn echo)
    - Module no longer maintained: (ttn stringutils)
    - New (ttn html-data) proc: smhdwy-since
    - Extension to proc `read-text-db-table': flags
        Flag #:list means return each record as a list instead of as an
        alist (the default).  Flag #:closure means return each record as
        a closure (procedure) that accepts one arg SEL.  If #:list is
        also specified, SEL is a 0-based integer to index into the
        record's data.  Otherwise, SEL names a field in the record's data.
    - New (ttn email-log-if-fail) proc: set-system-mail-program!

tarball, expanded dist and other html stuff, under dir:

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