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Re: Guile

From: Jon Wilson
Subject: Re: Guile
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2005 16:05:01 -0500
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Ah, here we go. This might help you some. From the Linux Documentation Project, at, we have the Software Building HOWTO.

Read.  Be enlightened.


Jon Wilson wrote:
Dang it, I always send replies to the poster rather than to the list. My bad.

-------- Original Message --------
Hi Angelyn,
You might get a more helpful response if more pertinent information
were provided.  For example, knowing the conditions under which you
ran ./configure would be very very helpful.  From your post, it is
ambiguous whether the ./configure et al occurs when you are trying to
build and install Guile or Texmacs.  Additionally, is the message from
configure a warning or an error?  I know of no such thing as a warning
error, and which it actually is could be important.  What version of
guile and texmacs are you installing?  Where did you get the source
from?  What did you do with it once you got it (ie, unpacked it
(where?))?  Did you read the INSTALL and README files (if present?)?

As you seem to be new to this, I'll cut you some slack (although
beware, a lot of people won't, not for any reason, ever.), but go read
this: "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way" by Eric Raymond, found at
the URL "";.

It sounds from what you said like you are missing the readline
library, so it might help to go get that.

"full working installers" are something you don't often see for unix
projects, the whys and wherefores of that are rather complicated and
tend to start flamewars, so lets not go into it.  Furthermore, nobody
here is likely to "send" you anything.  If somebody knows of a "full
working installer", they might point you to it (or more likely say
STFW ("Search The Friendly Web"), but not send it to you.

One thing I notice, you seem to be running configure and make as root,
which is generally considered to be Not A Good Thing.  Run configure
and make as an unprivileged user, and then run make install as root,
IF necessary.  (which it probably is, but give it a shot as
unprivileged first.)

Best of Luck!


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