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awg-mod_lisp: mod_lisp for R5RS Scheme

From: Alan Grover
Subject: awg-mod_lisp: mod_lisp for R5RS Scheme
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 16:49:34 -0400
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Announcing the release of awg-mod_lisp-0.2 (recently

Implements the elements of the scheme side of the mod_lisp2 protocol.
Institutes as little policy as possible.

Factored the protocol into a R5RS file.

Also a test-daemon and higher-level daemon interface (in Guile).

Available at

General: This code implements the mod_lisp protocol and does not parse
the query-string, nor parse the POST data, nor provide a header-list
that complies with the CGI interface, nor provide URL/HTML encode/decode
functions, nor other high-level web-application functions. It doesn't
even implement a socket-listener loop. See other files in this package.

Content-length: As of 2005.09.17, mod_lisp2 (mod_lisp for Apache2)
requires Content-Length to be computed before writing the content.
Beware of the length of (newline). Is it \r, \r\m, \m, etc.?

Character-Sets (utf): No explicit support, pretend that the right-thing
will happen. See notes.

Socket errors: What will happen if Apache is killed during a request?
Or, if the socket has some other error?

Mod_Lisp version: Written for mod_lisp2, circa 2005.09.17. Does not
attempt to check the version (FIXME?).

Perhaps next week I'll add a better high-level interface for Guile.

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