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slib and scm_shell() conflicts

From: William Xu
Subject: slib and scm_shell() conflicts
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 17:50:58 +0800
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I checked out a recent guile repo days ago. It seems there're some
conflictions between slib and scm_shell() function. 

Basically, when i try to load slib(i.e., guile.init), and invoke
scm_shell() thereafter, then the program will block there. `top' shows
the program is consuming lots of cpu time.

I have attached a reproducible testcase, consisting of three files,
foo.c, foo.scm and Makefile.

System Info: 

- Guile 1.9.0
- Debian Unstable GNU/Linux #4, ppc
- slib in cvs and debian repo
- gcc (GCC) 4.0.3 20060104 (prerelease) (Debian 4.0.2-6)


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