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guile-debugging 0.14 released

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: guile-debugging 0.14 released
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2006 17:11:24 +0100
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.tar.gz and .deb are both available at; NEWS is below.

(Work to solve the multiple servers issue is still pending.)


* Distribution changes

** Debian packaging specs incorporated

Thanks to John Steele Scott, the guile-debugging distribution now
includes debian packaging specs, and future releases will be as both a
.tar.gz and a .deb.

* Bugs fixed

** `debug-trap' didn't work with Guile 1.8.0

Because it used an internal procedure that, since the Guile 1.8
factorisation of (ice-9 debugger), is no longer accessible.  Thanks to
Carlos Pita for reporting and investigating this.

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