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Re: Installing problem

From: Jon Wilson
Subject: Re: Installing problem
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 10:22:18 -0500
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Hi HB,
Really this is a question for a readline mailing list, group, or forum.  In
the future, please don't cross-post like this.  But since you've sent your
message here already, could you send a more complete transcript of the
output from configure and especially from make?  Also, please describe your
setup; what directory are you running configure from, what does the rest of
the source tree look like, do you have any strange environment variables
set, do the permissions on all your directories and files make sense?

Don't be surprised if we can't help you, as we are not readline experts.
But I for one am willing to try.  Of course, many people on lists like this
would not be willing to try, and you would be flamed into oblivion for this
breach of etiquette.

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