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Re: Guile Interpreter as a Standalone Server

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: Guile Interpreter as a Standalone Server
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 21:45:26 +0100
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Volkan YAZICI <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> I need such a feature:
>   /*
>    * If there's an already running guile process in the background,
>    * return it, otherwise create a new one and return new process.
>    */
>   interp = guile_interp(...);

I appreciate that Ludovic has already replied to you about this, but I
thought I'd some more thoughts.

I think the core of this idea is pretty simple to implement, and I've
appended a basic (and untested!) implementation of the server below.
After the basics, however, I think you would quickly run into
practical problems that are more tricky, such as whether you really
want an eval from one client to affect global data for another one;
what to do about error handling; what to do if an evaluation hangs;
whether you want to constrain evaluations so that they take place in a
"safe" environment; and so on.

In my view, addressing all of these things carefully would make for an
interesting project.

> With such a functionality, it'd be possible to
>  - Parse & execute faster. (We won't need to create a new process
>    everytime.)

Is this for a specific application, out of interest?

>  - Cache parse plans.

I don't understand what this item means.

>  - Use global variables that's accessible by any process using the
>    same interpreter.

Yes - assuming that that is a desirable feature, in general.

> Is such a feature already supported by Guile? Can I achieve above 3
> functionalities with using another method?

This doesn't feel to me like something that needs to be supported by
core Guile; it feels like a useful application that can be built on
top of Guile.


(let loop ((server (let ((s (socket PF_INET SOCK_STREAM 0)))
                     (setsockopt s SOL_SOCKET SO_REUSEADDR 1)
                     (bind s AF_INET INADDR_ANY port)
                     (listen s 5)
           (clients '())
           (readable '()))
  (if (null? readable)
      ;; Do a new select.
      (loop server clients (car (select (cons server clients) '() '())))
      ;; Handle next readable socket.
      (let ((s (car readable)))
        (if (eq? s server)
            ;; Accept new connection.
            (loop server (cons (car (accept s)) clients) (cdr readable))
            ;; Read from existing connection.
            (let ((x (read s)))
              (if (eof-object? x)
                  ;; Connection closed.
                  (loop server (delq s clients) (cdr readable))
                  ;; New form to evaluate.
                    (write (eval x (current-module)) s)
                    (loop server clients (cdr readable)))))))))

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