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any news on 1.8 and slib?

From: Andreas Köhler
Subject: any news on 1.8 and slib?
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 20:00:47 +0200


I wanted to ask for an update regarding these emails:

I wonder why it takes so long to find a solution to such a "relatively"
small problem. If it is a bigger issue, I would propose to discuss it on
some mailing list and not privately. At least I could not find more
information in the archives.

I treat this issue as showstopper, both for packagers of guile and users
of gnucash wanting to use guile1.8. Maybe the guile community can come
up with a solution quickly once it looks at it thoroughly.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you. I just wanted to state that there is
still vital interest in guile1.8 and slib code cooperation :)

-- andi5

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