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Re: custom guile stdin port for MPI users

From: Alexander Shirokov
Subject: Re: custom guile stdin port for MPI users
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 00:24:38 -0500 (EST)

Hi Mario,
thanks for your reply!
It looks like I will probbaly have to try
to do it on my own. I would be interested to see
an example on how you wrapped an MPI_Bcast function
and MPI_Send, Receive. Would it be difficult for you
to show me an example?, - would be very nice to have one
since i am a beginner in guile, and i will let you know
how it goes. Thank you.

On Fri, 1 Dec 2006, Mario Storti wrote:

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 13:52:30 -0500 (EST),
     Alexander Shirokov <address@hidden> said:

I would like to embed guile interpreter into my application - a
parallel program using MPI (message passing interface) and operating
massive data and computations. I would like that program to be able to
process standard input in order to be able to have a live interactive
session with my application. Below I describe the problem i


With guile however, I am limited to using

    scm_shell(argc, argv);

which is supposed to do the stdin processing itself, - I hoped it would
even in the parallel environment. I inserted


into the tortoise.c program of the guile tutorial (the complete copy of
the program is attached) and compiled it with 'mpicc', but I do not get
the expected behavior, for example when i run on 4 processes:

mpirun -np 4 ./tortoise2
guile> (tortoise-move 100)

the next guile prompt does not appear after the entered command has

I looked into the guile archieves using search "MPI" and found
that another person was having the same problem one year ago.
That user has recieved a very informative message :
but unfortunately, the thread stops there.
I did some followup and found nice documentation on setting custom
ports on stdin at
but the resources of my expertise in scheme and setting custom
ports have exhausted there.

There are many people using MPI, I think a solution very be greatly
appreciated by a sizable community of MPI users.

One issue in wrapping MPI for Guile is calling the `MPI_Init()' before
entering Guile. This is done in the code you sent. With that code you
can use MPI in background (I guess). For instance try to write a small
script and then run it in background with MPI.

   $ mpirun -np xx tortoise -s myscript.scm

That should work. (I use `scm_boot_guile' instead of `gh_enter.' I
think that the `gh_..'  stuff is deprecated, but I don't know if this
is relevant in the discussion. ) Note that with a small effort you
have something that is not completely useless: you can use it

* interactively in sequential mode, and
* in parallel (but not interactively)

I have made some experiments in this line, wrapping the most simple
MPI functions (mpi-send, mpi-recv, mpi-bcast...) and some basic stuff
from PETSc.

Now, if you want to use it in parallel and in an interactive
environment, then I think the solution is to replace the REPL
evaluator, so that each time he founds a `sexp' or whatever to be
evaluated, it sends the expression to the nodes with `MPI_Bcast'. I
know of something being done with Python and I think it's much the same.

I think that this broadcasting of the input from the master to the
nodes is something that you can't avoid whenever you want to wrap MPI
for any scripting language.



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