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current module fluid

From: Jon Wilson
Subject: current module fluid
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2007 16:49:33 -0400
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I was poking around the source (guile-core/libguile/modules.c), and noticed that the current toplevel module is stored in a fluid named (in C, anyway) "the_module". Is this fluid accessible from scheme? (it does not appear to be) Is there a good reason why it should not be made accessible?

If it were accessible, then my load-with-env procedure would be reduced from

(define (load-with-env filename env)
(let ((real-current-module #f))
(λ () (set! real-current-module (set-current-module env)))
(λ () (load filename))
(λ () (set-current-module real-current-module)))))


(define (load-with-env filename env)
(with-fluids ((the_module env))
(load filename)))

Much smaller, and simpler. I think it is cleaner, too. So we have a use case for exposing the_module to scheme. If we don't have reasons not to expose the_module, then I think we should.

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