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[Scheme Steering Committee announcements] R6RS Errata and Electorate; Vo

From: Mitchell Wand
Subject: [Scheme Steering Committee announcements] R6RS Errata and Electorate; Voting Schedule
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 11:23:01 -0400

1.  A list of errata to the 5.97 document has been posted at Regardless of
    the outcome of ratification, typos, minor inconsistencies, and
    other similar errors reported to the editors will be fixed before
    the report becomes final.  

2.  Voter registration ended at 20:00 GMT on July 15. A list of
    registered voters and their statements is posted at .  Voters should
    check that their own information appears on the voter roll as they
    expected. Any irregularities (missing entries, fraudulent entries,
    duplicate or plagiarized statements, etc.) should be brought to
    the attention of the Steering Committee, who will take appropriate
    action.  Voters will receive a message with instructions on how to
    cast their ballots.

3.  The remainder of the schedule is:
   1. Voting starts: July 29.
   2. Voting ends: August 12.
   3. Official results announced: August 26.

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