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File local variables

From: Sebastian Tennant
Subject: File local variables
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2008 14:35:52 +0200
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Hi list,

I've tried oddmuse and oddmuse-mode, markdown and markdown-mode and now
it's the turn of Emacs Muse and muse-mode.

They're all different of course.

Oddmuse is a great wiki engine (and oddmuse-mode makes light work of
navigating pages and submitting new or edited pages, directly from

Markdown's markup is clear and simple, and markdown-mode makes it
visually even clearer and simpler to type, but IMHO its best feature by
far is not having to escape HTML in any way.  Being able to switch
between HTML and Markdown markup at will is truly liberating.

Emacs Muse is... well, there's not much point me telling you guys!
Suffice it to say, I suspect it's something I'm going to use in variety
of ways for many years to come.

Anyway, I had a question... I forget what it was now... oh yes!

I was hoping to be able to set the the variable muse-xhtml-header as a
file local variable in a muse source file like so:

 ; Local Variables:
 ; muse-xhtml-header: "header-template"
 ; End:

where "header-template" is the name of a file in the same directory as
the muse source file, but it doesn't work as I had hoped.  When I
publish the source (to xhtml1.1) the contents of "header-template" are
not what is used.

After visiting the source file (and evaluating the file local varibales)
the buffer local value of muse-xhtml-header is indeed "header-template",
but the global value is unchanged, so it must be the global value of
this variable which is important?

Am I going against design principles by trying to set this variable as a
file local variable, or can this be made to work somehow?



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