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Long-lived Guile scripts in a mono-threaded game engine

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: Long-lived Guile scripts in a mono-threaded game engine
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 23:19:00 +0200
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I'm contemplating adding Guile support in GNU FreeDink, which is a
game engine for Dink Smallwood, a 2D scripted game.

Currently there's a "manually coded" scripting engine which is pretty
limited and buggy, though it works decently enough and was already
used for large extensions.

I'd like to add Guile as an alternative :)

Currently I'm facing several issues, the main one is how to manage
long-lived scripts:

The engine runs in a single thread, and the game loop essentially:

- passes over all sprites in a screen, and runs the scripts attached
  to those sprites

- detect collisions and run associated scripted hooks

- perform other non-scripted transformations such as sprite
  progressive moves, update the status bar, etc.

- the game screen is then refreshed with the new game state

- repeat

Scripts last more than a single game loop. They are not basic scripts
that describe what happens in a single engine step; instead they
describe what happens in the story.

For example, a game introduction will create sprites on the screen,
move them around, make them say lines that the user can read (or pass
using [space]), etc.

That script can also change the current screen (which kills all other
scripts in the current script).

Multiple scripts can run in a single screen, but they run the one
after the other, not in parallel. The order/priority is known.

Scripting is essentially frozen during the screen refresh. This avoids
putting mutexes everywhere.

How could I do something similar with Guile? I didn't find a way to
make a guile script pause (and return to the caller).

I guess one possibility is to run all scripts as independent threads,
and make them lock on a global mutex. However, as emphasized in this
I would appreciate non-preemtiveness, for simplicity.

I think what I'm looking for is similar to Lua's coroutines
(a.k.a. fake threads - one coroutine at a time)

It's also important that running scripts can be terminated by the game
engine if need be.

How would you do this with Guile? :)



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