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packaging a guile module, call/cc tutorial

From: John Trammell
Subject: packaging a guile module, call/cc tutorial
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 14:28:45 -0500

Hi Guile users:

I have a guile issue and a scheme issue I'm hoping you can help me
with.  My guile issue is that I've built a rudimentary module
(following the code in
that I'd like to tar up and make available as a GPL'ed installable
package.  Can any of you point me to documentation or an example of
how to do that?  I have something cobbled together with a Makefile but
I'd like to think there's a more sophisticated solution out there.

My scheme problem is this: I've been beating my head against the
call/cc examples I've been able to dredge up, but not feeling like
I've fully mastered the concept.  Can anyone interested please chime
in on either their favorite resource on call/cc, or an example they
found useful when learning the concept?


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