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Re: What's the alternative for SCM_STRING_CHARS ?

From: nalaginrut
Subject: Re: What's the alternative for SCM_STRING_CHARS ?
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 14:57:58 +0800

> The move to Unicode makes things a lot more complicated, unfortunately.
> Strings before 1.9.x were 8-bit, so the way they were stored had to 
> be changed.  Since their storage is now different, it isn't a good idea
> to directly access the storage with macros like SCM_STRING_CHARS.
> There are the functions scm_to_locale_string, scm_to_latin1_string,
> scm_to_stringn, and  scm_to_utf8_string.  But, unlike SCM_STRING_CHARS,
> the results of these functions need to be freed.
> Respect,
> -Mike

Thanks! But it sounds like I got a lot code to change. :-)

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