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Re: Serving files with guile web server

From: romel
Subject: Re: Serving files with guile web server
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 18:23:33 -0400 (EDT)
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Neil Jerram writes:
> Certainly, it looks good.  Where does mime-type-ref come from, though?

Thanks, mime-type-ref comes from (glider mime-types) it's a little module
I wrote specifically for this purpose, see code below

(define-module (glider mime-types)
  :export (mime-type-ref text-mime-type? mime-type-symbol))

(define *mime-types* (make-hash-table 31))
(hash-set! *mime-types* "css" '("text" . "css"))
(hash-set! *mime-types* "txt" '("text" . "plain"))
(hash-set! *mime-types* "png" '("image" . "png"))
(hash-set! *mime-types* "jpg" '("image" . "jpeg"))
(hash-set! *mime-types* "jpeg" '("image" . "jpeg"))
(hash-set! *mime-types* "gif" '("image" . "gif"))

(define (mime-type-ref file-name)
  (let* ((dot-position (string-rindex file-name #\.))
         (extension (and dot-position
                         (string-copy file-name (+ dot-position 1))))
         (mime-type (and dot-position
                         (hash-ref *mime-types* extension))))
    (if mime-type mime-type '("application" . "octet-stream"))))

(define (mime-type-symbol mime-type)
  (string->symbol (string-append (car mime-type) "/" (cdr mime-type))))

(define (text-mime-type? mime-type)
  (if (equal? (car mime-type) "text") #t #f))

> Perhaps that could be wrapped up as `static-file-response' (or a better
> name if you can think of one) and added to (web server).

It would be great to have static file serving available from (web server),
I think that static-file-response is a good name.

Romel Sandoval

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