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Guile-PG 0.40 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Guile-PG 0.40 available
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2011 18:41:14 +0200

release notes:

  The big news is that Guile-PG has ventured a bit out of Guile-1.4.x
  land.  Perhaps not very far (see file test/OK), but it's a start.
  More importantly is that the infrastructure is now in place for
  easier going later.  Who knows -- maybe we'll get to beta (0.80)
  this year, 0.40 is just a bit-shift away! :-D

  The somewhat mysterious "AAL" below stands for Autoconf, Automake,
  Libtool.  For more info on the Guile-BAUX slogging-soul-sustenance
  software, see <>.


README excerpt:

  Guile-PG is a collection of modules for Guile allowing access to
  the PostgreSQL RDBMS from Scheme programs.

  The low-level module ‘(database postgres)’ provides an almost
  one-to-one correspondence with the PostgreSQL "libpq" C library
  interface.  Other higher-level modules, typically named
  ‘(database postgres-FOO)’, provide abstractions and convenience

  This is alpha code (pre 1.0 release), tested with various, but
  not all, versions of Guile and PostgreSQL.  It may have bugs,
  and the interfaces may change from version to version.

  To build Guile-PG you need to have installed both the PostgreSQL
  frontend library libpq, and a version of Guile that can either
  load binary module (a b c) from file a/b/ or a/b/c/
  under ‘%load-path’, or provide ‘dynamic-link’ and ‘dynamic-call’.

NEWS excerpt:

  - 0.40 | 2011-06-05
    - Changes to configuration
      - Bug fixed in finding ‘pg_encoding_to_char’, ‘pg_char_to_encoding’
      - Now seeks and arranges to use <postgresql/foo> headers
      - No longer clobbers user vars ‘CPPFLAGS’, ‘LDFLAGS’
    - Changes to build / test / install
      - Bug fixed: Delete everything on "make uninstall"
      - Scheme code now punified for install
      - Add "no C module" mode for build / install
      - Changes to "make check"
        - Flaky symlinking replaced w/ partial in-tree installation
        - runtest now honors env var ‘GUILE’
        - runtest now shows loaded files if env var ‘DEBUG’ set
    - New (database postgres-qcons) proc: idquote
    - Docs now explicitly UTF-8
    - Tested on more platforms (see file test/OK)
    - Maintenance uses AAL 2.68, 1.11.1, 2.4; Guile-BAUX 20110605.1656

tarball and its detached signature in dir:


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