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progv in scheme

From: Panicz Maciej Godek
Subject: progv in scheme
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 15:54:03 +0200

Is there any clever way of binding values to the list of unknown
symbols in scheme?

In common lisp there is a form "progv" that takes the list of symbols
and their corresponding values and binds them within the body of

It is possible to do it using eval, like this:
(define (bind-and-eval symbols values body)
(eval `((lambda ,symbols ,body) . ,values)
(define-syntax let-symbols
(syntax-rules ()
  ((_ symbols values (body ...))
   (bind-and-eval symbols values (quote (body ...))))))

but using eval for this just seems too heavy. Is there any way of
doing it that would be more legal?

Best regards,

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