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Re: Working http-get example and still unsolved problem

From: Sunjoong Lee
Subject: Re: Working http-get example and still unsolved problem
Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 08:37:18 +0900

Ian had made a new patch for Chunked Encoding, ; thanks Ian. But I suspect it has a bug.

make-chunked-input-port use bytevector-copy! in read!. I saw the crash like this;
  ERROR: In procedure bytevector-copy!:
  ERROR: Value out of range 0 to 4294967295: -5915

I can't tell the url of the web page made that crash because I had seen it in my testing login to that page but can tell you that was not written by english and the charset of that is not UTF-8. I suspect the cause of the crash be in using bytevector-copy!.

The previous patch made in 06 Nov 2011 does not make a crash. With that, I could not read the content body of the page but it might be my fault.

2012/5/2 Sunjoong Lee <address@hidden>
1. http-get of current stable version, 2.0.5,  of Guile does not support "Chunked Encoding."
2. You should apply patches of Ian Price's, , if this case.

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