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Re: Extending a GTK+ Application with Guile

From: Paul Emsley
Subject: Re: Extending a GTK+ Application with Guile
Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 12:14:54 +0100
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On 24/05/12 20:11, Kevin J.Fletcher wrote:
Hello Guilers.

My intent is to add guile as a method of [optionally, at build time]
extending a GTK+ application. With the addition of being able to run
guile scripts I hope to provide a guile-shell to give real-time
interactive power.

Very good.  That is what I do with Coot.

First a question of program architecture;

As the guile extensions are optional I run GTK on a main thread and the
shell on a second pthread. I connect the shell through a PTY to the
virtual terminal widget.

   THREAD1            THREAD2
  ---------           -------
| GTK     |   pty   | guile |
|     VTE |<------->| shell |
|  -----  |          -------
| guile   |
|  scripts|


0) Is there anything wrong with this architecture?


    a) Is it valid to use both scm_shell and other guile code at the same
    time or is scm_shell designed to run in isolation?

By "at the same time" do you mean in "a different thread"?

If so, don't do that.

I use scm_shell() but only for command-line/non-gtk-graphics mode.
To interact with guile I use guile-gui.

    b) Not related to guile but while I'm here I may as well ask. Is there
    a more appropriate GTK+ method of communicating (STDIN, STDOUT,
    STERR) with the running application (to replace the VTE above)

It is not clear to me that you need VTE and threads.

I have my guile-scripts/functions (well, 99% of them) run in the main/gtk thread - many using timeout functions.

2) Thinking of portability, is guile running on Windows (without
cygwin), to justify the claim of 'ubiquitous'?

My understanding is that it is possible, but non-trivial. We have not made a guile-enabled Coot on Windows (yet).



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