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Re: Extending a GTK+ Application with Guile

From: Kevin J . Fletcher
Subject: Re: Extending a GTK+ Application with Guile
Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 22:30:33 +0100
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Paul Emsley <address@hidden> writes:

> By "at the same time" do you mean in "a different thread"?
> If so, don't do that.

Yes, this was my meaning.

> I use scm_shell() but only for command-line/non-gtk-graphics mode.
> To interact with guile I use guile-gui.
> It is not clear to me that you need VTE and threads.

I used VTE as a proof of concept to interect with guile. If better
methods of doing so are possible (as you have suggested) then they will
be addopted.

Thank you,
I will look at coot to better understand the organisation and
interactions with guile.


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