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Porting guile-xlib

From: Mark Witmer
Subject: Porting guile-xlib
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 08:31:41 -0500

Hi all,

I'm interested in using guile-xlib to mess around with writing a window
manager. However, it looks like my first task would be porting it to
Guile 2.0, since it's quite old (assuming some newer version isn't
floating around in the ether somewhere -- I'm looking at guile-xlib

I haven't done anything like this before, so I'm seeking any wisdom
anyone out there might have on the subject. A couple specific questions
for now:

1. Is there a good reference source for the old deprecated methods? I
looked up a few (eg. "scm_wta" and "scm_i_makinum") in the old manuals
going back to 1.4 but didn't have any luck finding them. I can read the
source, but some documentation would help!

2. Since scm_smob_free is deprecated, does that mean I can just replace
a line like "return scm_smob_free(child_smob)" with "return 0;" and rest
easy knowing the gc will take care of the details?


Mark Witmer

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