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Re: Guile 100 #6: CGI and MySQL

From: Mike Gran
Subject: Re: Guile 100 #6: CGI and MySQL
Date: Fri, 3 May 2013 16:41:37 -0700 (PDT)

> From: Ian Price <address@hidden>

>I had volunteered for that previously, and assumed you had
> picked someone else based on the method in your original
> email. Apparently not.

Sorry about that.  I was working with someone on that one, but,
there was no completion.

>>      - Challenge #5: PHP-style Guile
> I started hacking together a Jinja-style templating library before[0],
> but I never released it since it's kinda less nice than just using
> quasiquote/sxml in practice.

That is true, once you've been absorbed into the Scheme continuum.
But imagine that you were someone coming in from the outside: from
PHP perhaps.

I don't want to dissuade you from doing something big, but, the
actual scope of the problem as described is quite small: make a CGI
script that (a) reads its own PATH_INFO (b) finds a template by
that name (c) sends it through eguile, and (d) returns it
to the client.

Its a bad approach in practice because there is no compilation
of the templates.


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