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Re: SLAYER announcement and help request for preparing a GNU package

From: Panicz Maciej Godek
Subject: Re: SLAYER announcement and help request for preparing a GNU package
Date: Mon, 6 May 2013 21:36:33 +0200

2013/5/6 Javier Sancho <address@hidden>

I've been working a little on something similar during the last four
years, but I am looking for a kind of fluxus
( for games.

Thanks :) I see that there are a few persons with similar ideas, and I wonder how powerful we'd become if we managed to orchestrate our powers somehow, as TTN suggested
You can see my code at

I even managed to build it, but for some reasons the demos won't run. I get the following error:
gacela/video.scm:175:2: In procedure init-gl:
gacela/video.scm:175:2: In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: set-gl-hint

It was also a little surprising that I had to copy the guile modules manually, in spite of make install

If it comes to code, I see that you have a more polling-style approach for processing input. My desire is to get a system that never stops being reconfigurable -- to truly separate the user interface from program logics. I don't know if it's achievable, but I have a feeling that such direction is worth exploring

First versions were developed with GNU Common Lisp and C bindings for
OpenGL and SDL but last year I discovered GNU Guile and Dynamic FFI.
Actually, Gacela is a Guile module which uses Figl
(; I am removing dependencies with

But most of my efforts are spent on my eternal search betwwen
simplicity, reusable code, proper functional style, i.e., a lot of
programming design and procrastination. I'm trying to mix FRP
techniques, entity systems, fluxus, yampas and more ideas in a maybe
useless library but a very funny project for me.

All these concepts sound very interesting, but I'm curious whether they are reflected the code somewhere. I, on the other hand, put a lot of trust in Scheme -- I believe that whatever I do, will eventually be able to find a concise representation for that, that will be surrounded by many parentheses ;] and so I'm not so much worried with the design, believing, that I will just be doing, and everything will design itself :)

I tryed to port Gacela to the web too, and I developed an uncompleted
Lisp-_javascript_ translator that uses canvas and SVG for displaying
graphics. Very funny and instructive, too.

:) I have also been thinking about something similar, but I decided to leave that idea for unspecified future that might never come

Best regards,

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