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Version 0.3 of guile-log released

From: Stefan Israelsson Tampe
Subject: Version 0.3 of guile-log released
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 23:52:11 +0200

Dear all,

After a few hectic months of hacking on guile-log to implement true undo/redo
functionality to test out the ideas for my suggestion of srfi i'm glad to annonce 

 guile-log v.0.3

guile-log comes with two interfaces

1) kanren
2) guile-log native

These are documented.

The features of guile-log
* A thorough rework of guarded variables, now guile-log is safe with respect to undo/redo.
* Resurrection of the postpone code.
* Accumulator like constructs.
* zip like features.
* most of kanren, e.g. especially the A* constructs.
* most of prolog

* explore multithreading.
* improve the postpone interface.
* tail call improvement.
* implement prolog compiler e.g. introduce guile-prolog
* introduce functional tree in stead of assoq in assoq mode.

If you would like to have any feature included in guile-log, let me know.

Happy Hacking.

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