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Proper way of making a single-pointer smob

From: Sun Yijiang
Subject: Proper way of making a single-pointer smob
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 14:16:06 +0800

Hi guys,

I'm using a very simple smob which only carries a pointer in the
immediate word.  It works fine, but what worries me is that the free
function seems never called.   Am I doing anything wrong?  What's the
standard way of making such kind of smob?

C++ code listed below:

static scm_t_bits model_smob_t;

static SCM make_model() {
    return scm_new_smob(model_smob_t, (scm_t_bits)(new MyModel()));

static size_t free_model(SCM smob) {
    cout << "free_model" << endl;
    void* ptr = (void*)SCM_SMOB_DATA(smob);
    delete (MyModel*)ptr;


model_smob_t = scm_make_smob_type("model", 0);  // shall I use zero here?
scm_set_smob_free(type, free_model);



Sun Yijiang

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