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Re: #:getter procedure returns unexpected value in GOOPS

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: #:getter procedure returns unexpected value in GOOPS
Date: Fri, 2 May 2014 01:36:07 -0300

Hi Mark,

> Read this:

Perfect, thanks for the link and the confirmation.

Note that in the current implementation, guile's problem is not the [proper]
initialization of the inherited slot, as I did show and as you can check, 
works as expected on Diego's example.  One can also use describe for that matter
(oop goops describe) .. The problem is that getters, setters and accessors 
[merely] inherited are not properly recomputed.

Your temporary solution is nice, but only works if there is no need for a change
of the inherited slot allocation option, and would not solve the 'quantum
mechanic' slot states :) that my 'consider the following situation' example 

Therefore, in the mean time, I personally would recommend goops users to
redefine getters, setters and accessors they are using/plan to use on their
subclasse's instances, since it is currently the only way to 'force' guile to do
his job properly.

> Here's a transcript of an SBCL session I tried on Debian:

Yep, I've downloaded it too now, it's been a while I did not play with lisp :)  
much prefer scheme and guile now.  But then I am not surprised they got it 
for lispers clos is an old beast and  lisp implementations have, by far, much 
more code and many many more testers as well, indeed clos is so much more
used by lispers then goops by schemers.


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