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From: tantalum
Subject: libraries
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 17:48:32 +0200
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i am sorry, i am late... i was not subscribed to the list. i maintain
the site

yes, the site is unstable. despite that, it should always restart
automatically, please try again, and when you see a 403 that probably
means it is just starting, 502 that it just crashed ...

at first i had to rewrite the server. that lead to downtimes as i found
difficulties with sockets and signals, but that should be good now.
i had a segfault in guile-reader and i just removed the dependency for
now and try to write at least a bug report for that.
now, if it crashes again i think it could only be one thing - the
database, let's see.

until recently there was also a permission problem with the git
repositories: do you know about the setgid bit? i did not, and any time
i pushed new changes, the new files got the group of my user and not of
the git user which made the repository inaccessible to others. now i
have a test script and will look for continuous integration solutions.

those are things that are hopefully fixed, but what is not yet fixed is
that i have to take the site down after i added or deleted content (not
when editing) to import database changes. this is another reason for
downtimes that i hope to remove some day.

because, as always, there are so many things that can go wrong, if you
encounter a problem you can mail me at address@hidden and i will try to
fix it asap

thanks for you interest

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