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Re: libraries

From: Max
Subject: Re: libraries
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 23:59:51 +0200
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21.07.2014 21:03, tantalum пишет:
> a few examples are included in the other message i sent. maybe it
> already clears things up a bit. (reference

That's excellent, thanks!

> yes, but for now decided to host the repositories myself. the
> git-repositories otherwise do not require much maintenance effort. but
> of course servers can go down or permissions amiss. i may re-evaluate
> the hosting decision in the future.

Having some personal website offline due to experiments is not a big deal. But
personally I'd love to see your libraries to be packaged and readily available 
in my
distro repositories - and they tend to be picky about upstream availability. 
jenkins works fairly well for many projects as a continuous integration system. 
I was
surprised but your 'process'  lib is the only interface to execve for guile 
I've been
able to find - I kinda expected that to be part of standard library. That's why 
so kin on the source availability - your project looks like the missing piece 
always needed from guile :)


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