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Re: Getting started web developpement with GNU Guile (with guile fibers)

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: Getting started web developpement with GNU Guile (with guile fibers) and BiwaScheme
Date: Sun, 7 May 2017 03:18:06 +0800

Oh I'd love to see someone write web front-end with Scheme. Good job !

2017年5月7日 02:47,"Amirouche" <address@hidden>写道:

I made a screencast explaining how I would start building a poll application
using by favorite tools of the moment.

There GNU Guile in the backend using the new guile-fibers to run the http

In the frontend I use BiwaScheme with snabbdom library for interacting with

BiwaScheme is a Scheme interpreter written in JavaScript.

Snabbdom is library that implement a diff+patch algorithm which allows to
how the page will look and it make it happen. It also handles bindings
events to
callbacks. The use of snabbdom is bound to scheme and its use is

The first video, I try to explain what tools I will use and sort of why.
It's not
very interesting

The second video, I tackle an issue in forward.scm, basically I am bug
hunting in
the browser:

The last is the most interesing, it restart where I left it in the previous
with basically a minimal frontend (so you might want to look at the 20 last
of the second video). Anyway, then it goes on to allow the frontend (client
to communicate with the backend (server side) using HTTP:

The code can be found @

azul means "hello" in amazigh.

Happy hacking!

~ amz3 ~

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